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Mountain Bike Suspension Education

Set Up and Education

HSC, LSC, HSR, LSR, Volume reducers, Positive pressure, Negative pressure..we've got a few adjustments these days.

When one click, and 1 Psi make a big difference it's easy to feel lost in getting your bike to feel the way you want it to.

Let us get your setup dialed and help you understand what adjustments you have and how they affect your ride.

We'll take you and your bike to a location that closely matches your favorite terrain. We will distill the adjustments your suspension has into understandable and relatable information. We will work through an on-bike testing procedure to optimize your suspension for your riding style. This includes changing volume reducers, pressure, and damper settings.

It does not include internal adjustments or re-valving.

Internal adjustment are under our 

  • Hourly Rate $85

  • Extra:

    • Parts

    • Trail Passes

    • Lift Tickets

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